When I'm Returning to YouTube

When I'm Returning to YouTube

It's been two weeks since I took a break from the Reventure Consulting YouTube Channel. In this post I will explain why I made this decision, when I will return, and reveal what I'm working on in the meantime.

I took this break for two reasons:

1) To mentally clear my head. Creating YouTube Content is an amazing privilege. But it also very stressful. Especially for the type of intensive, data-driven content I create. After 18 Months of hammering out data on the US Housing Bubble & Crash, I was getting burnt out. I wasn't having fun making the videos anymore. Right at the time when every other YouTuber had invaded the topic of the US Housing Crash. It was time to take a step back, relax, and reflect.

2) To allow the Reventure App to be as good as it can be. In the next several months I will release the Reventure App - a software application that will allow homebuyers and real estate investors to access a treasure-trove of data on the US Housing Market. The data you saw in my YouTube videos? It will be available to you, at your fingertips, on the Reventure App.

Want to see just how powerful the Reventure App will be? Watch this 3-Minute teaser to find out:

Here's how the Reventure App works. 

Taking time away from YouTube was necessary for me to focus on the Reventure App. Already two weeks into this YT break, me and my development team are making big progress on improving the App and getting it ready for launch.

Pricing / Cost Structure

When it launches the Reventure App will be free to all users for its basic offerings. This includes access to the entire US Housing Market Map across 5 Key Housing Markets Indicators. There will also be higher tiers of features, including downloadable lists, excel spreadsheet, graphs, and curated Housing Market Buy/Sell recommendations, that can be purchased through a monthly subscription.

Who is the Reventure App for?

The Reventure App is for everyone at its most basic level. I think most people in America would have a casual interest in seeing how Home Prices, Price Cuts, and Housing Market Crash Predictions look for their city or ZIP Code.

But really this App is built for 3 Types of People:

1) Homebuyers

2) Realtors

3) Real Estate Investors

Homebuyers can use the Reventure App to validate their decision-making process. And to understand whether the homes and neighborhoods they're looking at are a good place to buy. You can also discover new neighborhoods and cities that meet your home-buying criteria (counties that are affordable, with low taxes and strong economic growth? There's a filter for that!)

Realtors can use the Reventure App to increase their education, and the education they disseminate, on the US Housing Market. Imagine being able to pull up real-time data for your clients on the ZIP Codes with the most Price Cuts in their search radius. Or include a graph in an e-mail showing home price trends in the surrounding neighborhood over 20 Years. Or how the population growth in the metro compares to the rest of America. All items that can be pulled in <2 Minutes on the Reventure App. My hope is that the many Realtor YouTubers out there will use the Reventure App on their channel to increase the education and value they provide to their viewers.

Real Estate Investors will likely find the most use from this app, particularly the filtering features. Want to find the ZIP Codes with the highest Cap Rates in America? Reventure App allows you to do that. How about the Counties where Home Prices are the Most v Least Overvalued? That too. What about the Housing Markets that are crashing in real-time based on Inventory and Price Decline trends? Yup. Then you can download these lists into excel for later use each and every month as the data updates.

When's the Release Date?

Good question. We're still trying to figure that out. But I think the official launch will be before the end of 2022 as we hammer out the last few bugs and get the remaining features added in. So let's say late December.

When am I returning to YouTube?

I don't have a fixed date set. But probably sometime in January or February 2023. I'm enjoying my time off so far and am not in a rush to get back. If you would like to receive content between now and then, make sure you are subscribed to the Reventure App Mailing List. I will be doing daily blog posts on this site between now and then.

If you want even more content - live streams, early access to Reventure App, and interactive graphs/maps - consider joining as a Channel Member to the Reventure Consulting YouTube Channel. The cost is $5/Month. Channel Members will continue receiving content on YouTube through this period when I am not posting regular videos.


Thank you to everyone out there for your continued support and interest in what I do. It means a lot to me. Especially to the Channel Members who are supporting me financially through this period when I'm not posting regular YouTube videos.